What's a Joyride? It's a perfect way to get in some training, have some laughs, and find great ways to boost your fundraising! Think of each Joyride as a mini version of Ride day. You'll meet cool people, get more comfortable riding in a group, and feel the love on wheels. They're also a great way to convince a friend to do the ride! It's a fun, relaxed environment that anyone is welcome to join - no registration necessary. 

Riders of all levels are welcome! ALL of the HCRA JoyRides are considered a “No drop Ride.” This means that no rider is left behind, and you can count on an experienced rider to stay with you. Some rides have SAG which means a support vehicle stays with the riders on the route in case help is needed.. 

If you'd like to know more about each ride, check out the event calendar, or look at the complete list of Facebook events below.  

These are TBD! Keep checking back here for more info, or check out our events page for a full schedule.

For more information on safety and how the Joyride leaders will conduct the ride, click here.