Ride FAQ

What opportunities are there to volunteer?

There are many opportunities to volunteer for the Hill Country Ride for AIDS. You can volunteer throughout the year as needs arise, or during the busy weeks before the ride, or on the dedicated days of the Opening Ceremonies and Ride Day. Please see Get Involved for details! You won’t regret becoming a part of our Community of Kindness!

Where can I sign up for the ride?

You can sign up here: 2017 Ride Registration

How much does it cost to ride the Hill Country Ride for AIDS?

It depends on participation type

  • First-time Adult Rider: $45 registration and a minimum fundraising goal of $250

  • Adult Rider: $45 registration and a minimum fundraising goal of $500
  • Student Rider: $25 and a minimum fundraising goal of $350 (must register with a .edu email address)
  • Kids Who Ride: $25 and a minimum fundraising goal of $100
  • Volunteers: $25 and there is no fundraising requirement, though many volunteers choose to raise funds.

Why is there a Registration Fee in addition to a minimum fundraising amount?

There are many things that we offer our Riders during the Ride. These include a cool t-shirt, three delicious meals at Krause Springs (breakfast tacos – yum, hot dog lunch – double yum, and a fajita dinner –triple yum!), and sustenance galore at all pit stops (water, Gatorade, and snacks for refueling). We also are required to rent trucks to deliver goods to Krause Springs and surrounding pit stops, in addition to tents, tables, chairs, and, of course, insurance. Plus, don’t forget about law enforcement! Your Registration Fee helps offset these necessary costs AND allows the donated dollars to benefit the ten non-profit agencies that provide care and support to Central Texans with HIV/AIDS.

I’ve never raised this much money. I’m not sure I can do it.

No one likes to ask for money, but when people learn you're riding miles and miles through the Hill Country, they will WANT to support you and this great cause. A majority of people start out thinking they can’t raise this much, yet even though each rider is required to raise only $500 (or $250 for first-time riders), the average rider raises close to $1,000! It’s easier than you think, and we have special fundraising volunteers who will help you raise your money. When you register for the Ride, you will be given access to your own page on our web site, your personal Ride Center. There, you can set up a Personal Page, use our suggested email messages to start asking your friends for support, install our Facebook applications, and use our iPhone application to fundraise on-the-go. If you're ever worried that you won't make your goal, we're here for you. We'll help you throw a Pedal Party and will brainstorm with you to find untapped resources. It's so much easier than you think! Check out our fundraising tips!

What if I don't make my minimum – can I still ride?

The Hill Country Ride for AIDS' mission is to raise funds for 10 local beneficiaries assisting those affected by HIV/AIDS in our community. To do this we do require participants to raise $500 (or $250 for first-time riders). This is how participants have managed to raise over $8 million in 17 years. But please know that in 17 years, we've not had a single person who was charged for the balance of their requirement. This is because folks find that when they send the provided emails to their friends and family or post a request/link on Facebook, they easily meet their goal. The Ride office is very active in assisting the participants by offering fundraising tips and suggestions. Riders find that momentum builds when people start giving, and exceeding the requirement comes much easier than they expect.

I’m not a cyclist, I don’t know if I can ride this far...

We offer a variety of distances and plenty of comfort stops along the way. Most of our riders are not serious cyclists. Most have never done anything like this before, so you're in good company. The Hill Country Ride for AIDS is a RIDE, not a race. It's an honor to finish toward the end - there are that many more people there to cheer you on as you complete the Ride! Our free training program can lead all levels from first time riding to being able to ride this far, and have a lot of fun in the process. “We went through beautiful country, the number of miles between pit stops was perfect. I didn’t train much, but it was just perfect.” –Jenny Royal

I’m not a serious cyclist - how can I train with other people like me?

We have different levels of riders and different mileage offered at all of our weekly JoyRides. It's helpful to know that on Hill Country Ride JoyRides, you'll never be left behind. Click here to see a schedule of our JoyRides and other events.

What kind of support is offered on Ride Weekend?

The Hill Country Ride is a fully supported, recreational bike ride. There is a "pit stop" about every 6-15 miles on each route. Each pit stop has snacks for refueling, Gatorade, water, and bathrooms! You won’t ever be lost thanks to our sign crew who puts signs up to guide you along the way, and our route support crew are along the route to make sure you don't miss a turn! We also have SAG (Support and Gear) vehicles constantly driving the route that can pick you up if necessary, give you water, and even advance you to the next pit stop. The Hill Country Ride has the world’s best volunteer crew! Each member is there to help make the ride a safe and wonderful experience for everyone.

When are the Rider Orientations scheduled?

It used to be mandatory that each Rider attend an orientation session, but these meetings are no longer required. However, we want to make sure we provide as much safety and ride information as you would like. We strongly encourage all first time Hill Country Riders to come to an orientation session. We share important and helpful information, and you’ll love meeting other first time riders! You will be in and out in less than an hour. Click here to see the Orientation Schedule.

What do I need to bring with me on Ride weekend?

Click here to view a list of what to bring with you on Ride Day.

What are the rules/policies on Ride weekend?

Click here to see the Hill Country Ride policies.

Can I dress up or decorate my bike?

Uh...yes, please! The spirit of the HCRA is all about our riders having fun and celebrating the amazing work they've done to change the lives of people in need. Go ahead...wear a costume, decorate your bike, have a theme for your team! As long as it's safe (and legal), we want you to express yourself and our love for each other.

Where can I buy or rent a bike? What kind of bike should I ride?

We recommend our bike sponsor, Bicycle Sport Shop. And be sure to talk to other riders. You are also welcome to ask our community of riders on the Hill Country Ride Facebook page; ask if anyone is selling a bike or knows of a bike you could ride. Bikes come in as many shapes, styles, and sizes as automobiles! Some people ride road bikes (thinner frame, skinny tires), some ride mountain bikes (larger tires, more upright configuration). We recommend you choose the type most comfortable for you, often the bike you are most used to riding. Hybrid bikes, a cross between road and mountain bikes, may also be a good option.

What ages can do the Hill Country Ride?

Anyone 8 years and older is welcome to ride in the Hill Country Ride. The fund raising requirement is $100 for anyone 8-17 years old. Children of all ages are invited to join you at Krause Springs for a fun day of recreation and celebration. Click here for more information about all the Krause Springs activities to choose from.

Do I have to ride with my child?

YES, if you have a child under the age of 18, you or another Registered Rider MUST ride with your child.

Are pets allowed at Krause Springs?

No pets are allowed at Krause Springs, even if your pet is the cutest, most wonderful, best behaved animal since Lassie. Sorry, NO exceptions! :(

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