Positive Pedalers & David Powell Clinic


The Positive Pedalers & Friends of David Powell team is excited to be raising money again this year for nine great HIV/AIDS non-profits here in the Austin area. Last year our team raised $16,000 in its second year, and this year we plan to do even better! Our team of represents two groups:

  • The Friends of the David Powell Clinic
    The Clinic is the largest HIV/AIDS public safety net in the ten county area around Austin. Last year the Clinic provided 10,000+ unique visits to over 2,600 patients. The Friends of David Powell uses funds mainly to make co-payments for HIV/AIDS drugs when Clinic patients cannot make them.
  • The Positive Pedalers
    We are a national group of HIV+ cyclists and allies working to end stigma through our positive public example.
Positive Pedalers & David Powell Clinic